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In game[edit]

Peasant Levy — Vital statistics
Ghuzat Volunteers

Very weak melee unit which is only good for city defence.

  • Strong versus unarmed units, siege weapons and missile units with low accuracy or rate of fire
  • Weak versus military units, especially heavy cavalry.
Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
Level 1: Feudal Retinue Military
80 6 12 2.33s
Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Food.jpg: 20;
Metal: 10
Food.jpg: 1
1 Peasants' Commune.png 0 Melee
  • Fast and cheap to create.
  • Cannot resist attrition.

Roundel knaan.png Roundel mitanni.png Roundel teresh.png Roundel yin.png Roundel greek.png Roundel zhou.png Roundel hatti.png Roundle qmt.png Roundel ord.png Roundel bbwel.png Roundel assur.png

Overall strategy[edit]

Agricultural cultures tend to never be short of volunteers eager to go on military expeditions for additional booty to enrich their families, for adventures to see the world, or protect their loved ones and neighbours from barbarians. Nevertheless, regardless of what motivations they hold for service, Peasant Levy, while weak and difficult to muster can be used to swell your ranks. Nevertheless, however, Peasant Levy are still only rabble at heart, and meant to operate in a defensive role - heavy cavalry will easily rip them apart, as will arrows fired by horse archers! — but nevertheless, should forces be needed in a jiffy, you can do no wrong in calling them up to swell their ranks, even if only to give the enemy pause.


Bronze Dawn