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CtW Guide

Portugal faces a rather difficult start. It is hemmed in by Castille to the east, and is blocked off from northwards expansion by the former. However, there is a silver lining of sorts — Seville and Granada are all contested regions, and so should make prime targets for Portuguese expansion. Even better, because Portugal's rulers have been wise enough, Portugal starts off with a healthy amount of tribute and bonus cards, and is the only faction to begin the Late CtW with one out of the 10 colonies required to win the campaign.

The first task that you need to accomplish is to acquire new lands from Castille. Castille controls two strategic locations: the first is Seville, with its supply centre, the second is Galicia, which is to the north and controls access to Britannia. Of these, Seville is probably going to be the most important, since it controls access to Africa. Once you have taken control of Granada and Maghreb, you will also secure control of the Canarias, providing you a small trickle of tribute, which can later be invested in more colonies — there are over 25 colonies in the game, and the Canarias, with its haul of relics and obsidian are useful for Portugal's armies. Should you have the luck of seizing Seville, you may also try to conquer the Muslim province of Granada before the other Spanish factions do to receive a prize of 4 Propaganda cards.

Colonies are vital to your survival as they grant additional rare resources, and you will also receive 1 army for every 3 colonies you have, graining another one with the next 3 you acquire, allowing for a maximum of two. In addition, they also contribute towards victory. So with the Canarias firmly under your control, your next task is to decide how to achieve a victory. One method of doing this is to acquire all indentured colonies as well as to explore for new ones; Portugal is capable of acquiring five of them through exploration, and six others are indentured, as they are universally available through conquest of the map's peripheral regions.

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CtW objectives

  • Eliminate all non-aligned factions or acquire 10 colonies
  • Secondary tasks:
    • Conquer Granada before the Castillians or Portuguese first claim it for 4 Propaganda bonus cards.
    • Conquer Galicia and fortify it at all costs to receive religious fanatics whenever you are playing a defensive CtW scenario.

Initial start

Sphere of influence

Portugal has no sphere of influence as an AI faction.

Strategic Overview
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