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The Qin have the power of Empire.

The duchy of Qin has her roots in being the bulwark of the Chinese nation against those that would harm her — the uncivilised Rong, the savage horse-riding nomads of the north, as well as the crafty barbarians of the south, the Dian and the Man. Were it not for these issues, most Chinese would resent the Qin for being bloodthirsty, bellicose, greedy and violent. And alas, acquisitory AND aggressive the Qin have to be, for they as a state have long borne too the brunt of their cousins' ambitions. For if China has remained intact and the Son of Heaven sleep soundly for long, it is because the brave men and women of Qin have fought and died in wars against these barbarians so as to keep them back from destroying the natural order of things further east in the Central Plains.

This time, however, Qin seeks some of that harmony and progress for herself. A new Duke is about to ascend the throne, and plans a campaign of retribuition against the Rong who have preyed far too long on his ancestral lands. Elsewhere, the old state of Jin is now under control by three clans, who have since then split that great duchy apart, reducing the pressure on Qin's eastern borders. As Fengjian feudalism breaks down, the rise of business interests and bureaucratic societies has resulted in the rise of a new order of meritocracy, private ownership and bureaucratic control, providing Qin with new methods and means to rise up from her semi-barbarous past. Perhaps, this is when history will be righted and the dukes of Qin, being blood relatives of the Zhou regnants, might create a new nation and story for themselves?

Faction Type: Northern Chinese
National Bonuses:

  • Romanisation : -75% Small City Settlement construction cost.
  • Great Migration : May build one more Settlement beyond the normal City Limit; once the 1st Civics Civics level is achieved.
  • Tribal Confederates : Double Population Limit Population Limit per military technology, up to 25% above maximum game limit.
  • Indomitable : Barracks Barracks units and Peasants move 25% faster

Unique Units:





  • Centralisation


Settlements: Leaders:
  • Yong
  • Yueyang 
  • Xianyang
  • Qin
  • Quanqiu
  • Qian
  • Lantian
  • Pingyang
  • Baiguan
  • Gaoling
  • Huyi
  • Ankang
  • Baihe
  • Caoba
  • Caoping
  • Zhouzhi
  • Gucheng
  • Honghe
  • Jiangkou
  • Jiaoshan
  • Kuanchuan
  • Leiba
  • Longlin
  • Luoba
  • Qiaochuan
  • Qiaotou
  • Qishan
  • Quanshui
  • Sanyu
  • Shajin
  • Shangping
  • Shiqiao
  • Taitang
  • Tanping
  • Taoping
  • Wangba
  • Xiaoliang
  • Yacheng
  • Yangpo
  • Yanhe
  • Yongping
  • Yongxing
  • Zhongba
  • Didao
  • Ying Zheng
  • Dao
  • Ligong
  • Zao
  • Huai
  • Suling
  • Jian
  • Hui
  • Chuzi
  • Xian
  • Shixi
  • Xiao
  • Quliang
  • Huiwen
  • Si
  • Wu
  • Dang
  • Wulie
  • Zhaoxiang
  • Ze
  • Xiaowen
  • Zhu
  • Zhuangxiang
  • Zichu