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Septarchy Campaign
Playable factions Qin Chu Han Wei Zhao Yan Qi

Unlike the Grand Campaign where you start off with just one single territory, you now have a vastly expanded region to use for your operations, consisting of a kingdom encompassing not only your capital of Guanzhong, but the lands of Yiqu, Nanzheng, Shu and Ba. Of these, Shu and Ba are the most useful, because they host Sumac and Dyes, which enhance further the national bonuses of your civilisation. In addition, thanks to Zheng Guo's canal, you start off with 3 bonus cards: Food Boom, Logistics and Requisition Transport.

As your main task at present is to seize control of China and bring an end to the war to win, concentrate all your forces on the Central Plains. One of the targets that you should consider for expansion is Chu, which like Qi is diplomatically isolated from your other rivals in the Central Plains region. Because of the threat form the Jin alliance between Zhao, Wei and Han, there is a clear and present danger of Chu being overrun, eventually cutting your nation off from being able to expand into the Central Plains region. Alternatively, you can try to strengthen your ally Yan and get the Jin alliance to concentrate on destroying Qi, so that you can then take advantage and begin dismantling the Jin alliance, preferably by first seizing Han, and eventually finishing by taking the Zhao territory of Di for its supply centre.


CtW objectives[edit]

  • Destroy Zhao, Chu, Qi, Yan, Han and Wei.
  • Conquer the Central Plains

Initial start[edit]

  • Territories: Guanzhong (level 4); Shu (level 1); Yiqu (level 1); Nanzheng (level 3)
  • Alliances: Qi, Yuezhi
  • Vassals: Ba
  • Enemies: Yan, Han, Wei, Zhao; Chu, Xiongnu, Qiang
  • Tribute.png: 70
  • Bonus.png: 1 x Food Boom, 1 x Logistics, 1 x Requisition Transport.
Strategic Overview
Basic gameplay Grand Campaign Septarchy