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  • Strengths: Good land army, with strong infantry and cavalry, excellent for early offensive strategies.
  • Weaknesses: Near lack of mercenaries, weak navy.

Like the famed Chinese state of old, Qin is a militaristic faction which prides itself on the power of its soldiers, both from horseback and on foot. Qin may not have the early game advantage in chariotry (Song) or the power of light infantry (the southern factions) but who needs them when you have essentially a tool for every contingency your enemies can enact against you? Couple that with the technological superiority of the Chinese factions, and Qin — with its fast upgrades and unit variety — can easily re-establish a new order Under Heaven in no time. Because cavalry is so powerful in Bronze Dawn, Qin also obtains a special bonus unit — the Mounted Crossbowman. He might not be a fast worker unlike conventional archer or skirmisher cavalry, but he has his own uses — use him against enemy infantry or chariots, and he will work wonders for you.

Thus far, the right way to play Qin is to always plan to be aggressive at the beginning at the game, and to ally with those whose abilities complement yours - which usually tend to be those with naval benefits. Having cheaper costs for military development, improved defensive structures such as Bastions and Citadels all contribute towards the consolidation of whatever gains you have made, provided you have smashed all resistance to your armies in the field. That said, however, Qin is not without problems. Firstly, because of the rigid nature of Qin society, very few mercenaries are available to Qin, so if "fire fighting" is required, or quick-training troops are required, Qin doesn't have a lot of leeway, unlike other nations such as Zhao, Qi, or even that southern behemoth, Chu. Secondly, Qin itself is a land power — so while Qin forces on land are a force to deal with, the same cannot be said when in the water — any Qin nation surrounded by water is a dead nation, unless allied to another nation with strong seafaring traits — such as Jin, Chu or Yue, who by far have the best warships.

Faction summary[edit]

  • Expansive faction, good for early booming and later defence.
  • City Space — Cheap villagers make good militiamen and builders. Play this civ in the preliminary rounds as you would China, by creating lots of farms...and then lots of villagers to take over those farms.
  • The Invisible Hand — Build your own merchants and caravans to improve trade while taking apart your opponents' own to dirsupt trade and line your pockets with your cavalry archers. Accompany them with a duke patriot unit to protect them from attrition and gather resources from whatever units you destroy.
Strategic Overview
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