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Minor factions are the various smaller nations that appear in the main CtW, and normally appear in unoccupied/rebel regions. Unlike barbarians, they have a larger number of forces, and also a super-unit recuitable from wonders, but can't create mercenaries and are limited in their choice of regional units.

It should be made a rule that whenever a faction attacks a rebel region, it should not encounter another faction that shares similar abilities or names. For instance, if the Bulgars are based off the Russians, the Russians should not see any Bulgars if they invade Thrace or Wallachia. Some, however, like the Vikings, Wako or Bedouin, do not need to follow this rule.

List of smaller nation-states (by faction)[edit]


  • Bulgarian Empire: based off Norse, but has a tileset similar to Byzantium. Can train: Druzhinnik cavalry; Slavic Axemen. Cannot be encountered by Russians.
  • Rogue Despotates and Exarchs - Byzantine. Can also train Kipchak tarkan.


  • Petty Spanish kingdoms, such as Toledo, Navarra and Leon appear as Burgundians.
  • Provence
  • Italian city-states - based off Burgundy, cannot be encountered by the same. Trains vaccari archers and crossbow levy, as well as the dreaded Magistral Guard Infantry, if encountered later.
  • Magistracies of Sardinia - based off Burgundy, cannot be encountered by the same. Trains vaccari archers and crossbow levy, and cavalry archers


  • Imperial Household: Japanese, encountered whenever anyone invades Japan.
  • Wako - Japanese, but can also train Chinese Repeating Crossbowmen
  • Bakeje - trains Hwarang instead of Archers.
  • Bagan - based off English, but can only train war elephants as opposed to other cavalry. Uses SE Asian tileset, has sucide soldiers.
  • Khmer - based off Spain, but uses SE Asian tileset. Never encountered by the same. Can train suicide soldiers.


  • Welsh princes - Welsh. These bad boys appear whenever you attack the Welsh capital.
  • Mercia. Based off the Welsh, cannot be encountered by the same. Ceithernn available.
  • Brittany


  • Vikings - Norse, but can train ceithernn.


  • Croats - similar to Poland.


  • Banu Shaibah, Khwarezm, Bedouin, Iberian Taifas, Kurds, Mandinka, Qarmatian Republic - Saracens, without gunpowder weapons, but can train Camel raider, a vicious melee light cavalryman
  • Delhi sultanate - Turks. Can train war elephants.
  • Mande city-states: Mande are based off Mongols, but have camel units and zanj archers. If a Mongol attacks Mande-held lands, he will be faced with Berbers instead.


  • Rajput Kingdom - Based off Saracens. War elephant. Never encountered


  • Duchy of Bavaria - based off HRE, leader is "Duke of Bavaria"
  • Swiss confederation - based off the HRE, but can also train Italian-style militia. No access to light infantry UUs.
  • Hansa - appears whenever you invade German-occupied areas in the Baltic. Unlike the normal HRE, the Hansa can build carracks whenever it so wishes.

Papal States

  • Orsini clan, Colonna clan, Romagnol overlords - based off Papal States. Never encountered by the same.


  • Goguryeo - based off Mongols and can train hwarang, as well as steppe nomads
  • Orkon Uyghur - based off Mongols, never encountered by the same. Can train steppe nomads and camel raiders


  • Scilla - based off Chinese, can train suicide soldiers, then HWarang
  • Chinese successor-states - the northerners train Mongol steppe nomads and camel raiders.
  • Vietnamese city states: they can't train Chinese crossbows, but recruit War Elephants instead.


  • Chukchi Uls - Russians but uses SE Asian tileset. Never encountered by the same, but can train Kipchak tarkan
  • Russian city-states - all of them can train Kipchak tarkans


  • Qartvelia
  • Norman barons - based off Bohemia, never encountered by the same. Can create longships and Gallic chargers. The tileset changes depending where they go. Outside of Northern Europe, their tileset is Moorish.
  • Pandyans - based off Saracens. War elephant. Never encountered.


  • Kingdom of Jerusalem - based off Sicilians, and is formed whenever Sicily controls Jerusalem.


  • Khazars - based off Hungary, can train Avars, Kipchak tarkans, and steppe nomads.

Default scenarios[edit]

These scenarios play out whenever you attack an area with a faction you are not supposed to encounter. For instance, if Saracens invade the Deccan, they may face Persians instead of Rajputs or Pandyans, or may be forced to fight the Delhi sultanate. Similarly, a Russian player entering Bulgaria will not encounter Bulgars, but may play a scenario involving any of the following:

Mountain scenarios:

Mountain siege - destroy all enemy castles. The castles contain a variety of units. Look out for the lone siege workshop somewhere in the level.


Coastal invasion: face an attack by either Norse, Corsairs or Wako.

Flatland scenarios: as normal vanilla CtWs.