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As Rise of Kings is a game which deals with religion and politics in the Mediaeval world, it is thus obvious that the game mechanics will revolve around the same.


Alas, not all units and buildings are available right away and several demographic and technological thresholds must be met before they may be built. This is the rationale behind Ages in Rise of Kings. There are three Ages in Rise of Kings, of which two may be researched to unlock more units and abilities for your civ during your game, those being:

  • the Dark Age (basic level, this wiki assumes that your chosen scenario will start at this level)
  • the Castle Age (intermediate level), and
  • the Imperial Era (advanced level where endgame units and structures become available)

Religion and Wonders[edit]

Religion plays an important factor in Rise of Kings, and confers many cultural bonuses, which may be shared between one or more factions. The bonuses of a religion stack with the national bonuses and unit rosters of each faction, and will also determine the kinds of wonders that may be built. Generally speaking, Asian nations do not have the enhanced technologies or units of Western and Middle Eastern cultures, but have a more extensive selection of wonders to build, making them the ideal wonder rush civs, while Western and Muslim nations are more reliant military power to win the game.


Unlike normal Rise of Nations, technologies are now less directly dependent on Library research, and may require one or more other enhancements from other buildings. For instance, building a Trebuchet will logically require research in Science and Military, as well as further knowledge on construction techniques.

A technology tree diagram will be created for this site as soon as possible to explain how the different technologies flow into one another.