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Imperial Campaign
Playable factions Luh han.png Xichu.png Nan yue.png Choson Xianyu.png

The so-called "Sanqin" or "Three Qins" are a confederacy of three different city-states led by former Qin generals, subservient to the Xichu court. Although they are clearly a vassal of the Chu, they cannot be expected to remain loyal forever, and may switch sides if attacked. Eliminating the Sanqin from Guanzhong territory may thus be of importance for the Han or Xiongnu player seeing control over northern China.


CtW objectives[edit]

  • Destroy Zhao, Chu, Qi, Yan, Han and Wei.
  • Conquer the Central Plains

Initial start[edit]

  • Territories: Guanzhong (level 4); Shu (level 1); Yiqu (level 1); Nanzheng (level 3)
  • Alliances: Qi, Yuezhi
  • Vassals: Ba
  • Enemies: Yan, Han, Wei, Zhao; Chu, Xiongnu, Qiang
  • Tribute.png: 70
  • Bonus.png: 1 x Food Boom, 1 x Logistics, 1 x Requisition Transport.
Strategic Overview
Basic gameplay Grand Campaign Septarchy Imperial Campaign