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Rise of Chivalry
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Level 1: The Relief of Sham

"The Prophet's Faith is under threat in and is in danger of being extinguished along with all semblance of responsible law and order in Syria. Muslims have called upon us to secure their homes against the Qarmatian heretics. Take a small task force into Syria, and restore order by seizing control of the Qarmatian main bases at Hama."

  • Introduces the Outpost, Chivalric Orders and Nobles' Court
  • You will need to recruit mercenaries to capture one village (ar-Raqqa, which is beset by bandits), then move west to seize Aleppo and then Hama.

Level 2: Fall of Egypt

"The weakening of our Tulunid clients has forced us to take matters into our own hands, and we must seize Egypt for ourselves. The Greek warriors Damian and Leon have promised naval aid, but we must clear Iskandariyyah of Tulunid forces before we can eventually reconquer Egypt."

  • The Saracens seize Egypt
  • Destroy all Tulunid forces and structures.
  • Build a Nobles' Court at Iskandariyyah.
  • Research the Five Pillars
  • Use a hashishin to find and start revolts to weaken the Tulunids.

Level 3: The Scouring of Arabia

"The heretical Qarmatians have long been a stain on Islam, misleading the ummah with their deviant heresies and imposing their tyranny on us. It is time to end this once and for all."

  • The Saracens seize the Khelij.
  • Construct a Senate
  • Learn about what governments can be used and how they affect you.
  • Choose a government.
  • Destroy all Qarmatian buildings and structures.

Epilogue: What happoens when the Tutorial ends?

  • Egypt, Jerusalem and Sinai fall under control of the Turks.
  • To compensate, the Saracens get a +1 fortification bonus in the Levant, along with a Treachery card and +20 Tribute.
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