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CtW Guide[edit]

Scotland is one of the more difficult to play factions in the campaign, if not the hardest. You currently control but one territory — your capital in the Central Belt — while your English foes have consolidated their rule over most of Britannia by now. In addition, plague and war alike have hit your nation hard, leaving your treasury bereft of tribute. To make matters worse, the kingdom of Denmark cuts off access to Varangia, making them a potential foe.

All is not lost, however. Although the English juggernaut is quite powerful, you are surrounded by several unoccupied lands — note that Ireland is unoccupied, as are the Highlands, Border Marches and Iceland, so these offer potential areas which you could exploit for your own ends. Because the Irish territory of Connacht agus Ulaid has a supply centre, you should seize it before the English can gain a foothold there. The only issue however is that your path is barred by the Borderl Marches — it will undoubtedly antagonise the English.

The next step after this is to assert your dominance by reuniting Scotland together as a single nation. In addition to your capital in the Central Belt, you should then retake the Highlands and the Border Marches to consolidate your rule once and for all. Doing this will provide you with 2 Political Dissidents cards which can either be sold or used if the English attempt to invade.

Also, pay attention to colonies — should your rivals England or France (and other powers such as China, Spain and Portugal) manage to acquire 10 or more colonies, they will win the game. You would only be able to create colonies at the onset of the Imperial Era, but note that for China and Scotland, the cost of setting up colonies overseas is exceedingly high. Perhaps it would be better to let others do the dirty work of establishing them instead, and to take them when the time is right for the greater glory of Scotland!

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CtW objectives[edit]

Initial start[edit]

Sphere of influence[edit]

Central Belt; Border Marches; Highlands; Northumbria; Connachta agus Ulaid.

Strategic Overview
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