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The Sentry Post is the cognate of the Outpost, but has an altogether different role: in addition to raising low-level foot mercenaries like the Outpost, it is also used to conduct research into Taxation. Like the Observation Post and Lookout from Rise of Nations, they also serve as an early warning system, capable of spotting enemy units even if they are concealed.

The Lydians can build these structures faster than any other faction, allowing them to access mercenaries far quicker than would otherwise be the case.

Available upgrades[edit]

Taxation Taxation[edit]

Although caravans passing along trade routes can collect wealth, tax however is the main way by which you can enrich your coffers with wealth.

Tax ensures that you can collect money from any active economic activity which goes on in your realm, as well from the percentage of territory you control on the map.


"And this shall be the priest's due from the people, from them that offer a sacrifice."

—Deuteronomy 18:3
  • Prereq: Level 2: Caste System Administration
  • Initiates taxation at level 1
  • Enables collection of wealth from farms (increases existing wealth from Egyptian farms)
  • Increases income from merchants, fishing vessels
  • 170Krateia.png; 70Food.jpg

  • Writs and Decrees Taxation
Writs and

Writs and Decrees

The weak are meat, while the strong eat. —Japanese saying

  • Prereqs:
    • Tithes Taxation
    • Level 4: Codified Law Administration
    • Level 3: Records and Tallies Taxation
  • Increases taxation at level 2
  • Increases income from merchants, fishing vessels and farms

Resource cost

  • 250Krateia.png; 170Food.jpg
  • Poll Tax Taxation
Poll Tax
Poll Tax

Taxation is like plucking a goose as to obtain the largest yield of feathers with the least hissing possible.

  • Prereqs:
    • Writs and Decrees Taxation
    • Level 6: Contractual Relationships Taxation
    • Level 5: Nationhood Administration
  • Increases taxation at level 3
  • Increases income from merchants, fishing vessels and farms

Resource cost

  • 400Krateia.png; 640Food.jpg