Septarchy Campaign

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Septarchy Campaign
Playable factions Qin Chu Han Wei Zhao Yan Qi

Bing Yin, Year V in the reign of Nan, King of all Under Heaven:

"The world is in turmoil. Once, the entire world was shared out by the Kings of Zhou, with brothers and cousins controlling the land and keeping order as ordained by the gods, but filial piety and fraternal love have since given way to suspicion and hatred. Now, seven kingdoms abuse the smaller states, the great man oppresses the weak in society, even as the barbarians to the north grow hungry, while usurper states to the south host grand ambitions on the Zhou nations of the Central Plains.

"There is only one solution to the world's woes - a new king must emerge from the ashes of war, and take up the Mandate of Heaven and restore order to the world. But who will it be. Take up your sword, and prepare for a war unlike any other, for what is at stake isn't simply power and glory, but the very balance of the world itself."

Playable factions[edit]

  • Chu - Controls Changsha and Linjiang (its capital) ..... but also controls five territories: the whole of Jiangnan, except for Shu, Ba (qin) and Min (Min).
  • Qin - very much a large and powerful state. Controls Nanzheng, Guanzhong (capital), in addition to Ba (vassal) and Shu.
  • Han
  • Zhao
  • Wei
  • Yan
  • Qi



  • Zhou
  • Zhongshan (Di)
  • Min (reconstituted Yue)


  • Au Lac (Bach Viet, no Van Lang)
  • Dian
  • Ba (Qin dependency)
  • Yelang (Nanman)


  • Gojoseon (N Korea)
  • Jin / S Korea


  • Xiongnu (Xianyun renamed)
  • Qiushuang (Kushans renamed)
  • Qiang (replacement of Rong)