Septarchy Campaign

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Septarchy Campaign
Playable factions Qin Chu Han Wei Zhao Yan Qi

Gui Hai, Year XXII in the reign of Weilie, King of all Under Heaven:

"For three centuries since the first skirmishes between the vassals of the Zhou, the rulers of the world parcelled up the entire world at the point of a brass blade. Since then more bones than seed have been sown and watered with human blood, to create a crop of war to be reaped by the feudal warlords of the land, while the common people suffer.

"It is an infernal harvest that only continues to nourish hatred that stretches down generations. As the leader of one of seven kingdoms who now dominate the land, your forefathers have bred you to play out the final chapter in this bitter chapter in the annals of history. Will you like so many of your victims eventually fall prey to larger and more powers? or will your bronze blade deliver you of your enemies, and lead your forces to CONQUER THE WORLD?."

Playable factions[edit]

  • Chu - Controls Changsha and Linjiang (its capital) ..... but also controls five territories: the whole of Jiangnan, except for Shu, Ba (qin) and Min (Min).
  • Qin - very much a large and powerful state. Controls Nanzheng, Guanzhong (capital), in addition to Ba (vassal) and Shu.
  • Han
  • Zhao
  • Wei
  • Yan
  • Qi



  • Zhou
  • Zhongshan (Di)
  • Min (reconstituted Yue)


  • Au Lac (Bach Viet, no Van Lang)
  • Dian
  • Ba (Qin dependency)
  • Yelang (Nanman)


  • Gojoseon (N Korea)
  • Jin / S Korea


  • Xiongnu (Xianyun renamed)
  • Qiushuang (Kushans renamed)
  • Qiang (replacement of Rong)