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CtW Guide[edit]

In the Rise of Chivalry, Serbia as a nation has yet to be created, and instead is replaced by the non-playable Bulgarian faction, just as how Sicily is replaced by the Catalonians in the Renovatio Europam campaign. Under the tsars Boris and Simeon, the Bulgar empire stretches its sceptre over Thrace, its capital, as well as westwards into the Balkans, threatening the Western Asian territory of Epirus. The Serbian capital, the Balkans, is replaced with a Treachery card.

Unlike the normal Serbian faction, which only features the fearsome Serbian spearmen, the Bulgar roster is complemented by several other units. They are able to train the Axe Wojaky shared with Poland, and also have access to Druzhniky and Boyary in their army, allowing them to concentrate on a powerful hard-hitting army comparable to that of the Argead Macedonians from almost a thousand years ago. Equally, the Bulgar player is also eager enough to use this force against its neighbours, as the Bulgars seek to conquer as much of eastern Europe as possible.

For this reason, if you are playing the Byzantine, Magyar or Russian campaigns, one of the biggest problems you will be facing will be how to contain the aggression of the Bulgars as they are quite expansionist. The Bulgars possess 50 tribute and a Treachery card — try to take this card away from them at all costs, before they use it against someone.


Initial start[edit]

Sphere of influence[edit]

Sclavonia and Danubia:

Western Asia:


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