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CtW Guide[edit]

In contrast to the Early CtW, Serbia is a fully playable campaign faction in the Late Campaign which takes place in 1350. In the past four centuries, the power of the Byzantines has waned until that of the Serbs has increased until two different territories have been annexed by the Serbs.

The Serbian realm consists of two different territories: the capital in the Balkans, and the Greek territory of Epirus. In addition, Serbia also enjoys an alliance with the Hungarian crown, making it a potential power in gaining supremacy. The only problem for Serbia however is that its path to superiority is blocked — the Bulgars of Thrace have hitherto resisted all attempts to assimilate them, and the Greeks have begun regaining their empire with Ottoman assistance, although they are still weak. Worse, Serbia is blocked from the more fractured Islamic nations to the east due to to Byzantine activity as well as the Hungarian hegemon which has managed to establish itself across Central Europe.

There is one task that Serbia can do — and that is to strike first at Thrace. Once Thrace is taken, you should then take its Treachery card for your own use, and then you will have several choices, but Treachery is best used for seizing areas with supply. If Serbia captures Thrace, then it will have several targets for the Treachery card —  the most ideal target for this card should be Morea, allowing you to seize control of its supply centre once you have taken over Epirus for your own ends.

For Serbia, the task thus remains clear — the Byzantines must be destroyed, but even so, your realm is still far from perfect. Although you have managed to seize Thessaly for yourself, the Byzantines may yet experience a resurgence, and even if you do take the Bosporus, there are still many enemies around. In which case you will need to decide whether the Byzantines are a threat, or the Turks and the Venetians are more likely to be an even more dangerous foe. Do not forget that the Chagatai to the east are massing for an assault on Europe, so you might need to be prepared to face them.

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CtW objectives[edit]

  • Eliminate all non-aligned factions or acquire 10 colonies
  • Secondary task:
    • Seize control of Thrace before any other faction in order to then take control of the Morea to bolster your power.

Initial start[edit]

Sphere of influence[edit]

Balkans; Dalmatia; Thessaly; Morea; Istria; Thrace

Strategic Overview
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