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  • Strengths: Good land army, with strong infantry and cavalry, excellent for early offensive strategies.
  • Weaknesses: Mediocre late game siege and offensive capability - whatever infantry units Serbia receives in the late game are mostly defensive, no advanced navy benefits from autocratic rule.

Serbia is a militaristic faction which prides itself on the old ways of spear and lance, both from horseback and on foot, boasting three unique units: the Pronijar Cavalry, which trains more slowly than normal troopers but is even more hardened, and its spear components, the Ratniky and the Voyniky which distinguish themselves by being quicker to train compared to other factions' spearmen. These in turn are reinforced further by the Byzantine-style Scolarios cataphract, alongside with Halberdiers and Pavise Arbalest Infantry, as well as a slew of mercenaries, including the famed Almogavers of northern Spain and the ubiquitous Huszar Cavalry. Serbia is also enhanced further by its access to the Holy Order Marshalls and Lay Knights of the Nobles' Court, which can be used to bolster its forces further.

The most interesting component of Serbia's army are its spearmen. Although they have weaker armour, the killing power that they can bring upon cavalry — especially enemy unique cavalry units — cannot be questioned, so Serbia is useful especially in breaking the early heavy cav rushes which the Byzantines, French or Hungarians may use against you. This ability to pick off engaged enemy unique units also continues into the Castle Age and is also enhanced by relatively cheaper production costs and faster production time, making for a Castle spear rush. The cheaper cities which Serbia can create should help greatly in ensuring that Serbia can gain ample resources at the beginning of the game while denying the same to their opponents. Fast-moving villagers mean that you will get to expand as the crow flies - by the time your opponent is halfway setting up his second city, you may immediately be wondering what buildings to place in your newly founded 2nd and 3rd cities. That crow might be pecking out your opponents' eyes by the time they have managed to set up their 3rd town, thanks to your superb heavy infantry.

Although as an Orthodox faction Serbia lacks a killer edge for its heavy cavalry and infantry components, it still can muster good infantry making it a viable land power — possibly the best one east of the Adriatic in any single battle. The only problem is that Serbia isn't capable of building heavy artillery or ships, so it is highly deficient when it comes to amassing naval power or taking enemy cities. The best allies for Serbia are thus those with an edge in siege or naval technology, such as the Turks, Venetians, and Hungarians ... or even the Germans and Chinese, for that matter.

Thus far, the right way to play Serbia is to always plan to be aggressive at the beginning at the game, and to ally with those whose abilities complement yours - which usually tend to be those with naval benefits. Serbia's goal at the beginning is to rush two things - the opponent and the Castle Age. Having cheaper costs for military development in the Imperial Era, improved defensive structures such as the Munitions Ministry, the Bastion, and the Chapterhouse all contribute towards the consolidation of whatever gains you have made, provided your initial infantry and cavalry rush should have pretty much ensured that you have successfully kept your opponent at bay.

Faction summary[edit]

  • Expansive faction, good for early booming and later defence.
  • City Space — Cheap villagers make good militiamen and builders. Play this civ in the preliminary rounds as you would China, by creating lots of farms...and then lots of villagers to take over those farms.
  • The Invisible Hand — Build your own merchants and caravans to improve trade while taking apart your opponents' own to dirsupt trade and line your pockets with your cavalry archers. Accompany them with a duke patriot unit to protect them from attrition and gather resources from whatever units you destroy.
Strategic Overview
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