Shang/Strategic Overview

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  • Strengths: Strong expansion bonuses and chariot component.
  • Weaknesses: No late-game units, weak cavalry component owing to lack of Barracks.

The Shang are known for one thing, and that is the power of their chariot arm. Unlike most factions, the Shang do not build light chariots, but instead use the all-powerful Medium Chariot. This war machine is ostensibly the best unit in the Shang Emnpire, for while it is slower than light chariotry favoured by the Phoenicians and Celts, it however has greater reach and durability, making it the perfect escort unit for fighting early games. Shang infantry cannot be said to be of any interest owing to its fairly primitive setup, but it has two units of interest - dagger-axes, shared with the Celts, and the Tribal Shamans, who are powerful units capable of boosting the attack of nearby units whilst possessing seemingly supernatural abilities that can aid your units in battle.

The key to using the Shang thus is to boom as quickly as you can and to strike early and often with a charge by the Medium Chariots. Use Medium Chariotry to actively hunt down and destroy enemy melee infantry wherever you find them, but do not be afraid to hold them back if you feel you are outmatched. Just pull back your Medium Chariotry, then wait to build up your infantry corps, and then get back into the fray and strike out against your opponent.

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Faction summary[edit]

  • Offensive, expansive faction focused on cavalry, raiding and expansion.

Best age(s):[edit]

Bronze, mostly.