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CtW Guide[edit]

The Sicilian CtW charts the fate of the Aragonese crown, which has acquired Sicily and is an all-powerful empire across the Mediterranean. Not only does Aragon control Sicily, it also is based in Spain where its capital of Aragon is located.

Aragon has a vast reach, and if left alone could easily overwhelm the Moors in Africa and eventually form a massive littoral African empire. There are several problems why this might not be so — the first is that Aragon is surrounded by enemies. In addition to its rival Castille to the west, Aragon is also hemmed in by the French and English to the north, and also has formidable rivals in the Papal States and the Moors. Aragon's vast empire, while impressive, is somewhat unwieldly and will require the conquest of several territories to be reinforce. The first of these should be Navarre to the north which is not owned, and the second should be Apulia in southern Italy. Navarre can be used as a bulwark against Castille while Apulia is a vital source of troops.

Once this is done, there are several things that can be done — swiftly taking Granada and removing the Muslim threat will reward you with an alliance with the Papal States. This can then be used to boost your presence in Italy, but the Castillians and possibly the French still remain. Ideally, you should try and keep the English or French on your side while you grow your Mediterranean empire while being on the lookout for Castille.


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Initial start[edit]

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Strategic Overview
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