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Overview Chronicles tech tree Bronze Dawn tech tree

Munitions Ministry

It is tougher, and capable of defending itself from attacks by enemy forces invading a city.

Units created


Artillery units are primarily military-based, meant either to damage buildings or units as befits their classification.

Heavy artillery

The big hitters, meant for use against buildings, especially fortifications.

Name Class
Battering Ram Melee siege weapon Battram ico.png
Mangonel Heavy artillery Xcatapult TaP.png
Trebuchet Heavy artillery Trebuchet tap ico.png
Howitzer Heavy artillery Haubitz.png

Light artillery

Although capable of damaging buildings, light artillery isn't meant to be used against buildings. Rather, they are best used in a defensive capability, winnowing down enemy formations and killing their ranged units to cover your own.

Name Class
Scorpion Light antipersonnel artillery Scorpion ico.png
Springald Light antipersonnel artillery =springald
Volley Gun Light multiround gun Siegemortar.png Siegemortar asian.png

A regional unit upgrade, the Improved Volley Gun, appears at the Castle and cancels out the Volley Gun once available.