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Rise of Chivalry
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CtW Guide[edit]

Although it starts off as a one-faction territory, Spain in the early CtW can prove to become a thorn in your flesh if not dealt with accordingly. While other factions start off with 1 army and a capital region of a fortification level of 3, the Spainish capital of Asturias starts off with a fortification level of 4, which is second to none save the walls fo Constantinople. Spain also must be noted for having a vassal in the form of Portugal, so for the French or Moorish player Spain could be a tough nut to crack if left alone for too long.

If Spain does survive, expect it to seize control of Galicia, which will become an important pilgrim destination and a waypoint between Iberia and the British isles. The Spanish normally will expand quite a lot, but normally stop expansion only if they flag the entire Iberian peninsula as well as the whole of Italia.


Initial start[edit]

Sphere of influence[edit]

Strategic Overview
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