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When Imperial Mandate is researched at the Nobles' Court, all Stables are upgraded to Constabularies.

Units trained[edit]

Light Cavalry[edit]

Name Class
Scout Cavalry Light melee cavalry Lighthorse merc.png
Light Cavalry Light melee cavalry Lightcav TAP.png
Troopers Medium melee cavalry Knight TAP.png
Aspataka Lancers Medium melee cavalry Aspataka rkc.png
Baatur Medium melee cavalry Baatur.png
Tarkhan Medium melee cavalry Tarkhan.png
Border Raiders Light cavalry Ponyrider.png
Reaver Cavalry Light cavalry Ponyraider ico.png
Vsadniky Light raideing cavalry Rusiny TaP.png
Pomestia Lancers Light raiding cavalry Russcav 3.png
Camel Raiders Light raiding camel camelry Elite camel warrior tap.png
Coustillier Cavalry Medium cavalry Chevalier TaP.png
Pronijar Cavalry Medium cavalry Vlastela ico.png

Heavy Cavalry[edit]

Name Class
Lancer Heavy cavalry
Lancer rkc.png
Jarl Cavalry Medium shock cavalry
Scara Cavalry Heavy shock cavalry
Magyar Noble Cavalry Shock cavalry
Magyarcav1 icon.png
Scolarios Heavy cavalry
Cataphract tap.png
Druzhinnik Medium pikemen
Slavcav ico.png
Retinue Cavalry Medium shock cavalry
Retinue h rkc.png
Knight Heavy cavalry
Knight merc.png
Guard Cavalry Medium shock cavalry
Palaceguard chn ico.png
Frankish Knight Heavy shock cavalry
Frankeknight ico.png
Pronoiar Cavalry Heavy cavalry
Pronoiar ico.png
Várispán Lancer Heavy shock cavalry
Varispan ico.png
Man-at-Arms Heavy shock cavalry
Knight tap.png
Reichsritter Heavy shock cavalry
Knight german.png
Elmetti Super-heavy shock cavalry
Elmetti rkc.png
Transoxanian Lancer Medium shock cavalry
Transox ico.png
Kapýkulu Sipahi Heavy shock cavalry
Swipahi ico.png
Gendarmerie d'Ordonnance Heavy shock cavalry
Gendarme ico.png
Boyarnik Cavalry Shock cavalry
Boyrss ico.png
Towarzysz Veteran Heavy shock cavalry
Slavcav3 ico.png

Cavalry Archers and Crossbowmen[edit]

Name Class
Horse Archer Light missile cavalry Harcher rkc.png
Steppe Nomad Light missile cavalry Nopmad tap.png
Mounted Ranger Light missile cavalry Hhcavarch tap.png
Khorchin Light missile cavalry Horde tap.png
Palace Gamekeeper Light missile cavalry Gkeep rkc.png
Mounted Cranequin Light missile cavalry Cran rkc.png
Bedouin Archers Light missile camel cavalry Camelarcher merc.png
Dromedaries Medium missile camel cavalry Camelarcher RKC ico.png
Dromedary Jund Medium missile camel cavalry Camelarcher h tap.png
Arbalest Dromedaries Heavy bombardment camel cavalry Arbalest arab ico.png
Mounted Cranequin Crossbow cavalry Cran rkc.png

Cavalry Skirmishers[edit]

Name Class
Javelin Cavalry Medium missile cavalry Jav rkc.png
Iberian Rider Medium missile cavalry KOZSAK merc.png
Jinete Medium missile cavalry Jinete ico.png
Jinete Skirmisher Medium missile cavalry Superjinete ico.png
Uchelwr Light stealth missile Breton.png
Teulu Skirmisher Medium missile Teulu ico.png