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Essentially a Bronze Dawn version of Pavise Arbalests. Is a Chu UU.

"[W]hen he had shot his bolt and had smitten one in the throng, then would that man fall where he was and give up his life..."

The Iliad, trans Murray

In game[edit]

Pavisiers icon.png
Pavise Arbalests — Vital statistics
Pavise Arbalests

Heavier variant of Arbalest Infantry which sacrifices hitpoints for added armour and damage, being the best "crossbow" in the game.

Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
Upgrade of
  • Imperial Era;
  • Level 6: Linear Tactics Military
100 11 20 2.7s

Pavisier icon.png I Orsini merc.png

Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Wealth.jpg: 70
Timber: 60;
Wealth.jpg: 2;
Timber: 3
1 Barracks.jpg 2 1–15
  • Strong versus heavy infantry.
  • Armour-piercing
Magyarok.jpg Papal States.jpg Venice.jpg Portugal.jpg Spain.jpg Moors.jpg

Overall strategy[edit]

Sacrificing hitpoints for added armour and damage, Tiong'n'lo-Sekpeng are highly lethal units, armed with crossbows and capable of entrenching themselves in the field. This makes them highly useful in defensive situations, where you want to command the battlefield or deny ground to an opponent. In a mountainous and hilly area filled with many passes, a dozen units such as these can keep an enemy out of a city, as long as they bring no artillery. If you have Patriots or other hero units capable of healing units, or the ability to heal units like the Wei supply wagons, this is an even greater boost, as the Tiong'n'lo-Sekpeng can hold off almost anything. Yet, like archers, they can be easily cut down on the move, so always screen your Tiong'n'lo-Sekpeng before they are fully deployed. Additionally, note that you need the use of Strategic Reserves from your Library in order to field them.

Unit summary[edit]

  • The Shield Wall — Pavise Arbalests are highly useful in defensive situations with other defences — entrench them where possible.
  • Rush Crush — Like all archers, Pavise Arbalests can be easily cut down if on the move, so always screen your Pavise Arbalests before they are fully deployed.
  • A Man For The Masses — A Liberal government is the best bet for those planning to use Pavise Arbalests because the healing bonuses of the Legislator means that you can heal entrenched Pavise Arbalests, making them even more lethal to enemy units.



The crossbow is a weapon consisting of a bow mounted on a wooden stock. Originally used in China and eastern Asia, the weapon eventually became popular in Europe as well as some Muslim polities. Crossbows were very effective, and could penetrate the armor of a knight. The death of Richard I of England at Chalus-Chabrol in 1199 was due to a wound caused by a crossbow bolt shot by one of the defenders, which became infected, eventually killing the king.


This unit shares it stats with the Chronicles unit, Pavise Arbalests‎.