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While the Tower retains its use as an Attrition researher and point defence, it has a different set of Attrition techs. In brief, it is easier for non-Chinese races to research Attrition techs than it is for the Chinese to do so. While the Chinese can research only one level of Attrition, barbarian cultures can research an additional one, Warrior Society, right afterwards if prerequisites were met. For the Chinese to achieve their 2nd level, they will have to rely on Imperial Mandate - it has a fairly steep price, but it is overall more efficient than whatever Tribalism can provide, but can be accessed only from a Nobles' Court

In Bronze Dawn, turtling can be a rather attractive strategy, owing to the fairly weak nature of some barbarian factions, particularly the Xianyun and the Xirong - Towers are useful for countering light cavalry armies. Thus, a Tower rush - especially one conducted by Han, Jin or the Dian. That said, Towers are not an ideal defence against southern infantry, especially if they can raise squads of assault infantry since these units, although slow, are often very strong and can cause serious damage to your buildings. You are better off raising cavalry or building Forts to slow them down.


The researching of Imperial Mandate by the Chinese factions upgrades Towers into Bastions which are substantially stronger, and fire more devastating projectiles on opponents. Additionally, a Bastion also has a more powerful range, thus making it more effective at point defence.


Attrition Attrition[edit]

Attrition upgrades increase the damage that enemy units will suffer in your territory, and are also required for some militia units.

Oath of
Oath of Fealty

"I will to my lord be true and faithful, and love all which he loves and shun all which he shuns."

—Anglo-Saxon Oath of Fealty.
  • Prereq: Level 1: Commandery System Administration
  • Inflicts attrition damage to enemy troops in your territory at Level 1.
  • 80Liang.png; 80Metal
  • Time to complete: Rather fast
  • Warrior Society Attrition
  • Land Law Agronomics
  • Scutage Taxation

Warrior Society
(Barbarian factions only)

The steppelands know no weaklings.

  • Prereqs:
    • Oath of Fealty Attrition
    • Level 3: Fiscal Policy Administration
    • Level 2: Military Tradition Military
  • Inflicts attrition damage to enemy troops in your territory at Level 2.
  • 300Wealth; 300Metal
  • Time to complete: Rather fast

Note: Level 3 is attainable only with Imperial Mandate.