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Towers are a static point defence and serve many useful purposes. They can be built anywhere so long as that area is enclosed within your borders, and can also be garrisoned with extra troops to heal the units within as well as enhance the tower's fighting ability. Garrisoning extra troops normally results in extra arrows. The number of projectiles a tower can fire at opponents is normally three. Additionally, they also conduct research into Attrition, which increases the amount of Attrition damage which enemy units suffer without proper support in your territory.

Towers, however, have their drawbacks. They can only fire on units which are visible; they are unable to detect hidden units such as spies or Orsini archers, thus you will need to build a series of outposts nearby, or keep spies and scout units near to detect them. Equally, they are also not effective against siege weapons, heavy infantry or war elephants.

Different buildings:[edit]

  • Tower
  • Guard Tower
  • Bastion