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CtW Guide[edit]

The budding Turkish empire is based in the Elburz mountains of Iran, having subverted its Persian overlords and made itself an ally to the Abbasid Saracens who are based in Baghdad. 

The Turks can prove to be dangerous foes, having expansionist ambitions which rival those of their Mongol and Hungarian cousins and also enjoy the benefit of having two armies instead of the usual one. This means that if left alone, they will colonise the whole of Southern Asia and can easily use its vast resources to then threaten either China or the West, especially if they successfully overthrow the Abbasids. This is especially moreso for the Abbasid campaign, which after turn 3 will see the Turks seize control of Jerusalem, Sinai and Egypt (the historic Fatimid nucleus).

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Initial start[edit]

Sphere of influence[edit]

None; expansionist

Strategic Overview
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