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The Van Lang have the power of the Jungle.

Ensconced in the jungles of farthest Yue likes the forest kingdom of Van Lang — whose simple lifestyle belie the richness and technological expertise of her craftsmen. Van Lang has had a proud history spanning back over more than a millenium, yet her existence is fast coming under threat. Distant wars far beyond the north are pushing a strange people known as the Chinese ever farther into the Yue lands, among them being adventurers seeing fortune, fame or outright survival.

It is now on the very edges of brass weapons that the fate of Van Lang shall be decided ... Van Lang's warriors are savage and armed with powerful bronze weapons. Further, the fecundity of her forests and hills watered by the Mekong also provide phenomenal sustenance to the tribes that call her home, as do the seas south and east. Yet the Chinese have proven to be a cunning and resilient lot. It will be up to your skills, and the blessings of Van Lang's ancestors and gods, to see that the Chinese threat is kept at bay, and the storms of war and conflict weathered with success.

Faction Type: Tribal
National Bonuses:

  • Granary, Sawmill, Smelter available at start and research available sooner
  • Granary, Sawmill, Smelter production upgrades 50% cheaper
  • Building completion bonuses +50%
  • Cities gather extra +5 food, timber, metal
  • Fire ships cost 25% less, built 33% faster

Unique Units:


[Stable] Horsemen, Horse Raiders

  • War Boats, War Barge, Barque



  • Centralisation


Settlements: Leaders:
  • Phong Châu
  • Châu Diên
  • Tân Hưng
  • Vũ Định
  • Vũ Ninh
  • Lục Hải
  • Ninh Hải
  • Dương Tuyên
  • Giao Chỉ
  • Cửu Chân
  • Hoài Hoan
  • Việt Thường
  • Long Biên
  • Nam Từ Liêm
  • Tây Hồ
  • Cửu Đức
  • Bình Văn
  • Ngoc Lam
  • Cổ Loa
  • Sơn Tây
  • Ba Đình
  • Bắc Từ Liêm
  • Cầu Giấy
  • Đống Đa
  • Hai Bà Trưng
  • Hà Đông
  • Hoàn Kiếm
  • Hoàng Mai
  • Thanh Xuân
  • Ba Vì
  • Chương Mỹ
  • Đan Phượng
  • Đông Anh
  • Gia Lâm
  • Hoài Đức
  • Mê Linh
  • Mỹ Đức
  • Sóc Sơn
  • Thanh Trì
  • Thanh Oai
  • Thạch Thất
  • Thường Tín
  • Ứng Hòa
  • Hùng Vũ
  • Hùng Việt
  • Hùng Anh
  • Hùng Triêu
  • Hùng Tạo
  • Hùng Nghị
  • Hùng Duệ