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Venice/Early CtW

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Rise of Chivalry
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CtW Guide[edit]

Because of their strategic location bordering Franconia, Italia and Sclavonia, the Venetians can be a potential ally for many factions, and should be courted for all they're worth, but do not let them expand too much. The conflict between the Holy Roman Empire and France, however, guarantees that the Venetians will prove to be more valuable as an ally to the French because they won't need to be conquered to guarantee a strategic victory for the French faction. If the HRE is at war with another faction and Venice has at least ten territories, it's a given that they will break their alliance with the Empire. Generally, the Venetians are hostile to the Moors, and will not accept alliance offers from anyone other than the Byzantines, Mongols and possibly the Chinese.

Thus, if you are playing as any faction other than the "big three", especially the French or the HRE, use your Venetian ally carefully. Make good use of any armies the Venetians raise, helping you gain an advantage especially against the Hungarians and Bulgars if you so need them. Vassalisation is the only way to take them out, and perhaps is the only way, given how well-defended Venice's chief capital is thanks to the Adriatic which functions as a natural moat. 

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Initial start[edit]

Sphere of influence[edit]

Strategic Overview
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