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  • Strengths: Good cavalry, archers, and navy; and strong economy
  • Weaknesses: Very costly Imperial Era unique units.

There are two things Venice is well-known for: trade and naval forces. To start off, the cultural bonuses of Venice mean that it is capable of amassing untold wealth so long as its peasants remain productive. Every 100 units of resources in the Venetian treasure will generate 3% back per second. This means that for Venice, buying resources from the market can be a profitable venture, as once new resources are added to the stockpile, they will immediately triger a cumulative effect.

This then filters back into another part of Venice's national bonuses: its navy. Not only can Venice spawn Dromonds (or if you have upgraded them, Barques) from newly built dockyards, but her signature unique units,

Venetian Heavy Galleys are capable of bombarding warships as they are in reducing fortifications.

the Heavy Galley and the Galleass, are medium heavy ships that can serve in a variety of roles - they are capable of bombarding warships as they are in reducing fortifications. In addition, Venetian warships are also cheaper, making it possible to amass a fleet very quickly, even in the Dark Age. As for land units, Venice can also summon up quite a number of units: toughened heavy cavalry, archers and spear militia all play a vital role in projecting Venetian might. Even so, Venice should not always splurge when it comes to its units, especially after the Imperial Era. Although its units by then would be very powerful, Venice's best units - the Galleass and the Elmetti - will be prohibitively costly to retrain and maintain.

Venice, with its control of a fairly strong army and a powerful navy, is thus prepped to accomplish great feats.  Because Venice, like Sicily, has access to the Byzantine Scholarii, it should be able to survive the early game using the Scholarii's tougher stats to survive head-on battles with cavalry, in particular those of Hungary. Once it reaches the Castle Age, it can begin fielding a substantial naval force using its vast resources and slowly assemble armies of Composite Bowmen, Spear Sergeants, and knights. Venice during the Castle Age is an expert at siege warfare, due to its possession of the Heavy Galley, which can fire ballista bolts outside of a Castle's immediate range, making it possible to take even heavily fortified islands. By the Imperial Era, a force consisting mostly of Troopers, Stradiots, Billmen, Arquebusiers and Pavise Arbalests, followed by a few Elmetti, should help clear away the entire opposition for you.

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Faction summary[edit]

  • Highly defensive specialist faction focused on naval supremacy and production of wealth.
  • She Ain't Heavy, She's My Galleass — Galleasses have the most powerful attacks and fastest firing rates, making them useful against all ships and land targets but they are slow. Use them wisely.
  • Dark Moon Rising — Venice is out there to take cities from the seas. Use war barges accompanied by fire boats and barques; heavy ships such as the lanternas  are not necessary; you only need a fast navy (preferably made of brigantines) to screen your heavy galleys.
  • Templo Mayor — As Venice receives added tax gains, tax research is vital for the health of the economy.
  • Mixed Nuts — Customise your army to suit your opponents' weakness. If someone relies on chivalric orders, train hashishin. If the enemy is big on slow-moving melée units, train archers.
  • Slow And Steady Can Still Win The Naval Race — Forward building docks is a must given how slow galleasses are, but it is well worth it.
  • Premier League — Build a Marine Arsenal to keep your ships, especially your big galleasses, in working order. The Arsenal will help in constructing ships and keeping them alive.
  • Down The Line... — Timber is vital, especially if you are going to forward-build docks and heavy galleys.
  • Go for Gold — Do not neglect your taxation dues, trade and Universities: you need wealth and knowledge to create chivalric orders, archers and your unique units.
  • Up, Up and Away — Upgrade your units at moment's notice. Also note that with extra wealth, you can use wealth unsquandered in the Imperial Era filling up your universities to train naval gunpowder units, instead of archers and siege machines.
  • Byzantine Basket Case — Unfortunately, one problem with the siege ship line is that it is made of wood and can't survive an attack by Byzantine phogoboles. In any battle against Byzantium, protect your galleasses at all costs from Naphta Vessels. Burgundy with its ability to conjure fire boats out of thin air may be your best ally.

Best age(s):[edit]

All, although the Imperial Era will pose problems if you are not prudent with money.

Strategic Overview
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