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Renovatio Europam
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CtW Guide

The Renovatio Europam campaign concentrates on the Welsh as subjects of the English prior to Glwndwr's revolt in 1400 (historically Owen was still a baby when the campaign begins and doesn't grow up until turn 10). As such, Powys and Deheubarth are depicted as vassals of the English. As with normal rules regarding vassals, Powys will rebel and attempt to reconstitute Wales if England loses three times in a row.

Welsh Flag.png

Initial start

  • Territories: Powys (capital, level 3, coal)
  • Suzerain: England
  • Tribute: 50
  • Bonus cards: 3 x Partisans, 1 x Treachery

Sphere of influence


Because it is being used as an AI faction, the national powers of the Welsh are being used to support various sub-factions in Rise of Kings.

Strategic Overview
Welsh Flag.png
Basic gameplay Rise of Chivalry Renovatio Europam