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Old World,

Start? 1400BCE?
End: 600sBCE?.


LydiansRasennaArgivesIndiansHebrewsPhoeniciansCeltsBach VietEgyptiansIberiansShangZhouNubiansThraciansBabylonChosonMitanniGermansPhrygiansAssurArabsElamitesIraniansHittitesAltogether bronze.png

Each coin/ornament represents a faction in Rise of Kings: Warbirth.
Mouse over the coins to view which faction each one represents.


Unlike other mods, Warbirth relies heavily on chariots before genuine horsemen can be recruited. Chariots are usually used by most factions but in later eras some of the barbarian factions will be able to recruit missile and melee light cavalry, making them far deadlier with regards to attacking other factions. Throughout the game, however, mercenaries will forever be of importance.

The Egyptian, Assyrian, Zhou and Babylonian factions are capable of raising cavalry forces, making them highly immune against most other factions with this regard.

At the beginning, only Slingers and Peasant Levy will be available from the Peasant Dwellings, and Spearmen and Axemen from your cities. To get better units that can be upgraded, a Barracks will have to be opened, with Swordsmen and Chariots being made available from Forts. Stables may be opened only later in order to recruit light melee and ranged cavalry.

Attrition and supply

Supply carts aren't available until the final age of Bronze Dawn, so during the early eras, research logistics as quickly as possible in order to ensure the wellbeing of your armies.