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Generic resources[edit]

In all Rise of Nations-based mods, it is a sure bet that these four resources will exist in some form or the other.

Food Food.jpg[edit]

Timber Timber.jpg[edit]

Metal Ore.png[edit]

Wealth Wealth.jpg Liang.png[edit]

Mod-specific resources[edit]


Knowledge Pedagogics[edit]

Bronze Dawn[edit]

Influence Krateia.png[edit]

In Warbirth, Influence replaces Knowledge as the primary resource for research and some upgrades — the scientific method has not been introduced by the Greeks and what little exists in the form of palace schools and court advisors. That said, Influence is also required to buy certain "prestige units" — most notably, War Elephants and Heavy Chariots and not to mention the Assyrian unique unit, the Heavy Ram.