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Wei/Grand Campaign

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Grand Campaign
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Liu Han kicks off the Imperial Campaign with its capital in the badlands of Nanzheng (now renamed Hanzhong, from which historically this faction gained its name). Although Liu Han sees weak in comparison to the powerful Xichu, it in fact enjoys several advantages - firstly, its western flank is secure thanks to the Himalayas. Secondly, these regions have valuable resources that could be useful in the coming war with Xichu.

The first thing that you need to do is to seize control of Guanzhong to your north from the grip of the Sanqin hegemony - led by 3 different warlords quartered at the cities of Yulin, Tongchuan and Ankang. Defeat these 3 warlords, and Sanqin will become a vassal for your own control, granting you the use of an army in addition to your initial one. Concentrating on Xichu is preferable to attacking southwards through Dian, Yelang and Nanyue, these two nations will not be vassalised if defeated, and they are also quite powerful. Only when Xichu has been defeated should you actually then consider moving against Nanyue, or the fearsome Xiongnu to the north. Although powerful, the Xiongnu are not indifferent to a bribe, so try and use your tribute to pay them off, even though they will not ally with you.


CtW objectives[edit]

  • Eliminate all non-aligned factions on the map.

Initial start[edit]

  • Territories: Wei (level 3); Shu (level 1); Ba (level 1)
  • Alliances: Han, Zhao
  • Enemies: Xiongnu, Qin, Qi
  • Tribute.png: 50
  • Bonus.png: 1 x Food Boom, 1 x Logistics, 1 x Cultural Dominance.


This faction is not to be confused with the skirmish mode faction of Han.

Strategic Overview
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