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Wonders are a special class of building which are costly yet bring very powerful effects that aid your civilisation, in addition to contributing towards a wonder victory.

List of Wonders[edit]


Name Allegiance
Aachen Palatinate Palatinat.png
Abbey Abbey icon.png
Aya Sofia Ayasofia.png
Buddha Grotto Complex Bamiyan.png
White Tower London.png
Alhambra Complex Alhambra.png
Confucian Academy Kongmiao.png
Cordoban Mezquita Mezquita.png
Deirul Hiqmeh Deirulhiqmeh.png
Detinets Detinets icon.png
Marine Arsenal Arsenal.png
Palace District Palace.png
Angkor Wat Angkor.png
Grand Cathedral Medium swordsmen Cathedral.png
Sagres Point Medium swordsmen Sagres icon.png
Magnum Horologium Light swordsmen Horologiummagnum.png
Porcelain Tower Medium swordsmen Baoensi.png

Bronze Dawn[edit]

Name Class
Cemetery for Nobles Palatinat.png
Ducal Hall Abbey icon.png
Observatory Ayasofia.png
Artisan District (Zigurrat) Bamiyan.png
Royal Necropolis London.png
Royal Hall Medium melee cavalry Tarkhan.png
Gardens Medium swordsmen Dromond.png
Temple of the Gods Medium swordsmen Dromond.png
State Archives Medium swordsmen Dromond.png
Temple of the Dead Medium swordsmen Dromond.png
Summer Palace Medium swordsmen Dromond.png
Great Citadel Light raider Dromond.png
Imperial Palace Medium axemen Dromond.png
School of Fine Arts Medium swordsmen Dromond.png
Winter Palace Medium swordsmen Dromond.png
Steelworks Light swordsmen Dromond.png
Jixia Academy Medium swordsmen Dromond.png