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The Xianyun have the power of the Plains.

Being a nomadic people dependent on pasture and the horse, the Xianyun are nomadic shepherds and hunters who disdain the sedentary lifestyles of the lazy and feeble Chinese to the south. As such, they do not build settlements, but instead roam the steppes of Sahun in the far north, wherever pasture and prey may be found — or even booty, for that matter. The Xianyun may be untutored and crude in their ways, but they have one secret weapon that earns the fear and the grudging respect of their foes: their mastery of cavalry.

Unfortunately, they are not the only ones who roam this vast world, and their ways, while still alien to the Chinese, are being gradually adapted even if only by compulsion. The Kushans continue to hold sway to the west, while the Goryeo and the Chinese have started experimenting with horseback riding. Left alone to their devices, the Chinese nations might become a threat even as the Xianyun are bogged down fighting the Rong peoples of the west and the Hu and the Chinese to the south and east. Still, being a warlike people, the Xianyun have every right to establish their mark on history, and possibly the means to do so, even if it means trampling the rest of the world under the hooves of their war-steeds.

Faction Type: Steppe Barbarian
National Bonuses:

Unique Units:




  • Cemetery for Nobles
  • Ducal Hall
  • Observatory
  • Craftsman's Quarters
Settlements: Leaders:
  • Noin-Ula
  • Alxa
  • Ejin
  • Sonid
  • Ujimqin
  • Taibus
  • Hia Bagx
  • Hohhot
  • Ulanhot
  • Arxan
  • Bayannur
  • Ulanqab
  • Dalad
  • Abag
  • Jungar
  • Horqin
  • Jalaid
  • Xilinhot
  • Uxin
  • Hanggin
  • Erenhot
  • Hulunbuir
  • Otog
  • Luandi
  • Motun
  • Gunchen
  • Chedi
  • Giheshuyan
  • Dyaotao-mogao
  • Juimixui
  • Juimigui
  • Ushlyu
  • Uwei
  • Seuxie
  • Fujulei
  • Ulei
  • Nengzhiyasi
  • Feng
  • Ichise
  • Hulugu
  • Huandi