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Imperial Campaign
Playable factions Luh han.png Xichu.png Nan yue.png Choson Xianyu.png

Having defeated the Qin tyrants and secured your place as the hegemon-king of your land, your rule however is not completely consolidated - 3 states to your north, Qi, Wei and Zhao, have broken away from your nation and Qi and Zhao have formed a single alliance to defeat you. Because your capital is based along the eastern coast and is not far from them, you will ultimately have to defeat them as quickly as you can, and then begin the task of consolidating your rule, first by taking control back of the rebels to the north by any means, and then finally defeating the Liu Han kingdom to the west which will most certainly have risen up against you by now.

Once China has been brought under your control, it is now time to finish the game by conquering the rest of the map - at this point, only the Xiongnu and the Koreans to the north, and the four barbarian states of the south - Min, Nanyue, Dian and Yelang - should remain. Min and Yelang can be safely left to their devices as buffer states, but the Xiongnu are another matter. Of the remaining northern states - the Xiongnu, Yuezhi, Goryeo and Jin - the Xiongnu are the strongest, but they are also easily bought off with payments of tribute. The best thing you can do is to invest as much tribute as possible in securing Xiongnu lands for your own use, until you have brought Nanyue and her supply centre under your rule, then begin the process of rounding up the north in your name.


CtW objectives[edit]

  • Destroy all independent factions in 24 turns or less.
  • Secondary tasks:
    • Conquer all Chinese factions other than Xichu to convert them into vassals.
    • Pay tribute to the Xiongnu to keep them from attacking you.

Initial start[edit]

  • Territories:
    • Jiangnan:
      • Gongwu (capital)
      • Huaiyu
      • Yue
      • Linjiang
      • Changsha
      • Jiujiang
    • Central Plains:
      • Luo (Zhou) - unlike other parts of China, this area controls a supply centre.
      • Wei
      • Han
      • Lu
      • Cai
      • Song
      • Di - has supply centre
  • Vassals: Qin, Wei
  • Enemies: Zhao, Qi, Choson, Xiongnu
  • Tribute.png: 50
  • Bonus.png: 1 x Food Boom, 1 x Logistics, 1 x Cultural Dominance.

Strategic Overview
Basic gameplay Grand Campaign Septarchy Campaign Imperial Campaign