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The Qiang have the power of Pastoralism.

An offshoot of the Rong who haunt the foothills and plains west of China, the Qiang peoples have played a part in shaping history in Asia even if they and the Chinese refuse to acknowledge it, either as allies of the Chinese kings or as antagonists. For while the Qiang are mostly farmers, pastoralists and skilled metalworkers, but then this belies their history as bellicose raiders, just like the Rong of old. And for good reason too. The old Shang once raided the Qiang for captives, slaves and sacrificial victims, and while the Zhou kings of China have proven to be more peaceful, the Qiang people cannot continue to trust them forever.

Now, the Zhou imperium may be crumbling and while things thus far have been far from rosy for the Qiang. The Zhou Empire, even in decline, is still a force to reckon with, even as renegade states such as Qin and Chu have emerged as powerful brokers amassing vast armies and untold wealth. The Qiang themselves are still disunited, with other distant Rong cousins of the hills forming the Xirong nation, and their cousins in the northern wastes declaring the foundation of the Xianyun nation. These peoples yet remain oblivious to the threat that the Chinese - especially Qin - poses to them, and something must be done about it. If the Qiang are to survive in this harsh new world, they must first unite as a single nation and hold their own against other hostile new peoples in distant lands...

Faction Type: Chinese
National Bonuses:

  • Start with 1 extra Peasant, rececive 3 for next Settlement and 5 for all future Settlements
  • Start with House of Worship and research Religion Religion line of research for free
  • Peasants can repair buildings 50% and do so under fire without penalty
  • Towers 33% cheaper

Unique Units:





  • Centralisation


Settlements: Leaders:
  • Beichuan
  • Aba
  • Diexi
  • Songpan
  • Xinmo
  • Miansi
  • Yingxiu
  • Xuankou
  • Shuimo
  • Sanjiang
  • Gengda
  • Luhua
  • Kalong
  • Longba
  • Wabo
  • Zhimulin
  • Ciba
  • Zhawo
  • Weirong
  • Se'ergu
  • Shashiduo
  • Mawo
  • Hongyan
  • Shuangliusuo
  • Weigu
  • Musu
  • Luoduo
  • Jumie
  • Donggang
  • Tuanjie
  • Dongcun
  • Jiaojiawan
  • Qingbaishi
  • Linxia
  • Kangle
  • Yongjing
  • Yongchang
  • Honggu
  • Yongdeng
  • Gaolan
  • Yuzhong
  • Wuquan
  • Guangwumen
  • Fulongping
  • Gongxingdun
  • Hezheng
  • Qinglang
  • Wolong
  • Lanzhou
  • Dangchengwan
  • Mazongshan
  • Shibaocheng
  • Chengguan
  • Qilihe
  • Anning
  • Guanghe
  • Yuanjia
  • Ren
  • Ang
  • Bi'nan
  • Goujiu
  • Dianyu
  • Diaoku
  • Dize
  • Erku
  • Juzhong
  • Lianger
  • Miwang
  • Ruoling
  • Yangdiao