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The Yan have the power of Order.

This vast state, stretching from the Qinling mountains of Shaanxi eastwards all the way to the banks of the Liao, was founded formerly as a marquisate for the benefit of Ji Shi, brother to the Zhou scion King Wu. The somewhat isolated nature of Yan has meant that she has been isolated from the tumult of revolution and court intrigue, but almost four centuries have passed since the founding of Zhou - and the birth of Yan state.

Since then, the Zhou royal family have fallen on hard times, for following the fall of the old capital of Haojing, the nation's many states now dream not only of autonomy, but global conquest as well, and Yan like so many others has proved to be no exception. The vast reach of Yan thus far has been able to furnish great amounts of resources that have kept Yan and its ruling family - now a ducal one - a going concern, but ominous signs are brewing. Several great battles have already broken out between the many states of Zhou, while Yan itself remains open to attack, not just from the Chinese, but from the merciless barbarians of the northern steppes as well as the new kingdom of Choson to the east. Great sets of fortification were thrown up by Yan, along with her sister-state Zhao to the west, for the purpose of blunting these attacks, but for how much longer can the kingdom survive solely by hiding behind her walls?

Faction Type: Northern Chinese
National Bonuses:

  • War Economy : Receive a free Supply Wagon each time a new Siege Workshop is built.
  • Military Self-sufficiency : Supply Wagons can heal nearby units.
  • Nascent Industrialisation : Siege units 25% cheaper, 50% faster.
  • Master Artisanship : Start with Sawmill. Receive Woodworking upgrades for free.
  • Untouched Hinterland : Woodcutters' Camps hold +2 workers. +10% Commerce Cap Commerce Cap on Timber Timber.

Unique Units:




  • [Chinese] Renegade Warlord (Chariot), Mercenary Crossbowmen, Mercenary Spearmen
  • [Beidi] Beidi Spearmen; Beidi Axemen; Beidi Crossbowmen


  • Centralisation


Settlements: Leaders:
  • Ji
  • Youzhou
  • Yanjing
  • Fanyan
  • Beiyuan
  • Chengbei
  • Shengli
  • Xingfeng
  • Gulou
  • Haidian
  • Fengtai
  • Longshan
  • Gongchen
  • Mentougou
  • Lugu
  • Jinrong
  • Jingshan
  • Binhe
  • Yanqing
  • Dayu
  • Fangshan
  • Hejian
  • Dongcheng
  • Xicheng
  • Chaoyang
  • Shijingshan
  • Tongzhou
  • Shunyi
  • Changping
  • Daxing
  • Huairou
  • Pinggu
  • Miyun
  • Yan Jian
  • Yan Huan
  • Yan Wen
  • Yan Yi
  • Yan Kuai
  • Yan Zhao
  • Yan Hui
  • Yan Wucheng
  • Yan Xiao
  • Yan Xi
  • Yue Yi