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Grand Campaign
Playable factions Zhou Qin Chu Han Wei Zhao Yan Qi Lu Song Shu Yue
Zhong Ba Nanman Van Lang Xianyun Kushans Xirong Jinhan Choson Dian Bach Viet

While Yue itself is a fairly large state, controlling three different territories — Gongwu, Yue, and Min (the last being the capital) — its position isn't an enviable one. Hemmed in with potentially hostile nations to the north (Lu and Song), south (Bach Viet) and the all-encompassing Chu empire to the west, it's not likely that Yue can survive for long, without some form of diplomacy.

The first thing that Yue needs to do is to consolidate its borders. Ideally, Yue should first march south, then seize control of Nanhai for its supply centre, in order to increase her manpower to two armies in total. After this, Yue should begin to plan for an assault on Chu, either as a defensive manoeuvre or as an attempt in gaining hegemony over the Jiangnan region, but seizing control of Chu itself will not be easy — Chu's own capital territory is heavily forested and mountainous, so should an offensive on Yue take place, Yue should be prepared for a long and gruelling campaign fought on both land and water, but the conquest of Chu will effectively as mentioned before, then open the rest of China to conquest. Ultimately, it is all or nothing — either Yue seizes control of Chu and her rich resources, or ends up as part of the same as in real life.


CtW objectives[edit]

  • Eliminate all non-aligned factions on the map.

Initial start[edit]

  • Territories: Min (level 3), Yue (level 4), Gongwu (level 5)
  • Enemies: Chu
  • Tribute.png: 70
  • Bonus.png: 1 x Food Boom, 1 x Logistics, 1 x Requisition Transport.
Strategic Overview
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