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The Zhao have the power of Legacy.

High and far to the east of the Liao river likes the kingdom of Choson. Ensconced in the mountains of northern Korea, the Choson people are master survivors, and they well have to be so, for in addition to the harshness of the land, they too have to contend with the terrifying might of the Chinese nations as well as the depredations of the Di and Xianyun.

Although Choson thus far is poor in arable land, her defensible position has managed to help the kingdom thrive, as well as profit from previous contacts with China and the barbarian lands. Thus while Choson's infantry component is somewhat backward in comnparison with the Chinese states' she can boast a powerful complement of nomad-style cavalry capable of taking on the field and seizing victory. It is on the back of Choson's horses that survival - and undying glory - might well be wrested from what is otherwise a lost game.

Faction Type: Northern Chinese
National Bonuses:

  • Forts 50% cheaper, built 25% faster and available from the start.
  • Fort research is free
  • Forts exert +3 bonus on national borders
  • Heavy infantry created 10% cheaper and 10% faster
  • Start with 1 level of Military Technology already researched
  • Cities gather +15 wealth
  • Receive one free heavy infantry unit whenever a Barracks is built.

Unique Units:




  • [Chinese] Renegade Warlord (Chariot), Mercenary Crossbowmen, Mercenary Spearmen
  • [Xirong] Xirong Skirmishers; Xirong Archers; Xirong Horse Raiders
  • [Beidi] Beidi Spearmen; Beidi Raiders; Beidi Bowmen; Beidi Crossbowmen


  • Centralisation


Settlements: Leaders:
  • Jinyang
  • Handan
  • Changping
  • Sanmenxia
  • Ci
  • Qiu
  • Jize
  • Guangping
  • Guantao
  • Quzhou
  • Xiaodian
  • Yingze
  • Xinghualing
  • Jiancaoping
  • Wanbailin
  • Jinyuan
  • Gujiao
  • Qingxu
  • Yangqu
  • Loufan
  • Congtai
  • Hanshan
  • Fuxing
  • Feixiang
  • Yongnian
  • Wu'an
  • Linzhang
  • Cheng'an
  • Daming
  • She
  • Zhao Huan
  • Zhao Ji
  • Zhao Zhang
  • Zhao Zhong
  • Zhao Yu
  • Zhao Yu
  • Zhao He
  • Zhao Dan
  • Zhao Yan
  • Zhao Qian
  • Zhao Jia
  • Dong Anyu
  • Lian Po
  • Li Mu