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The Zhongshan have the power of Diplomacy.

Once a colony of the White Di, the small state of Zhongshan, despite its small size and inferior military resources, has proven far more resilient in the face of the great states that surround it - Qi, Yan, Chi, and the so-called "Jin" states of Zhao and Wei to the west. Of the "Jins", Of the many states, Qi and Zhao are the most dangerous and it will be up to Zhongshan to find a means of either ingratiating one of them, or eliminating them both.

Despite Zhongshan's small size, her armies are anything but incapable. Locked in along strategic trade routes and arable land to the south, Zhongshan is capable of creating a robust nation of vast size, aided by the cultural inclination of her kings. And while having her roots in a barbarian colony may prove to be a disadvantage diplomacy-wise, the savagery of the Di peoples have lent their influence in forming a resilient and shrewd military force proficient in defence and defying the great odds posed by larger states. Even if they have larger armies and better weapons, other nations should not consider attacking Zhongshan on a whim, for Zhongshan has proven to be a doughty survivor throughout the ages.

Faction Type: Northern Chinese
National Bonuses:

  • Attrition damage to enemy units in your territory increased by 100%. Attrition upgrades are free.
  • National Border recieve +1 bonus per Administration Administration research.
  • Start with 1 level of Administration Administration already researched
  • Plunder from your buildings goes back to you and not the enemy
  • Unit bonus Armoured units have a lower cost.

Unique Units:



(Zhongshan can't receive Guard Cavalry or Scythe Chariots)

  • [Beidi] Beidi Spearmen; Beidi Axemen; Beidi Crossbowmen


  • Centralisation


Settlements: Leaders:
  • Gu
  • Pingshan
  • Jinxian
  • Shangsanji
  • Lianghe
  • Sujiazhuang
  • Zhaibei
  • Shangguanyintang
  • Yangjiaqiao
  • Wentang
  • Gangnan
  • Zhongguyue
  • Xiahuai
  • Xiaojue
  • Jiaotanzhuang
  • Xiakou
  • Hehekou
  • Guocun
  • Sanshengyuan
  • Niucheng
  • Goutai
  • Zhaitou
  • Qingtong
  • Tashang
  • Ciyu
  • Chatou
  • Yingli
  • Zhongshan Cuo
  • Zhongshan Cheng
  • Zhongshan Wu
  • Sima Zhou
  • Sima Xi
  • Zhang Deng
  • Yue Yi