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The Zhou have the power of Culture.

Once the masters of all Chinese, the grip of the Zhou across the land has weakened for over three centuries. Now, the many lords supposed to administer the land in the name of the king (save for the dukes of Zheng) no longer obey, even as the nation is fractured by their petty squabbles and stands on the brink of civil war following the dissolution of Jin, one of the biggest feudal states. But even as the petty lords fight and begin this game of musical chairs for the Celestial Throne, the discord and squabbling might prove to be a godsend for the Zhou, who until now can only look on. Perhaps, as the states squabble and destroy each other, now is the time to right past wrongs and to reassert royal rule and order in a world gone mad, but even so there are serious threats to Zhou survival.

The upstart state of Qin, once a rural backwater, is now an agricultural powerhouse. To her south, the barbarian kingdom of Chu holds sway, over a vast portion of land. Both kingdoms will have to be brought to heel first if the house of Zhou is to reunite China once and for all. Nevertheless, the Zhou crown is indeed in control of some of the most fertile lands in all of China alongside the defensible position of the royal capital, Wangcheng — and the crown is far from destitute as it can rely on the accumulated wealth of the king's ancestors and its agricultural self-sufficiency in order to weather out this era of warring states.

Faction Type: Northern Chinese
National Bonuses:

  • +10% Food Commerce Limit
  • Can build 7 farms instead of 5 per city, farms generate +2 wealth
  • Start with a granary and receive Granary upgrades for free
  • Wonders cost 25% less, can be built an age early, and you may build two per City

Unique Units:


  • [Chinese] Renegade Warlord (Chariot), Mercenary Crossbowmen, Mercenary Spearmen


  • Centralisation

Wonders: Zhou can build all Wonders, except the following:

  • Cemetery for Nobles
  • Ducal Hall
Settlements: Leaders:
  • Wangcheng
  • Luoyang
  • Zheng
  • Xinzheng
  • Yichuan
  • Song
  • Luanchuan
  • Ruyang
  • Jiayu
  • Jinzhai
  • Beimang
  • Yanshi
  • Mengjin
  • Xin'an
  • Luoning
  • Suohe
  • Xinyang
  • Jingcheng
  • Chengguan
  • Qiaolou
  • Guanwu
  • Gaocun
  • Yiyang
  • Yulong
  • Chengzhou
  • Luoyi
  • Guanzhou
  • Yingcheng
  • Luohe
  • Wangcun
  • Sishui
  • Gaoshan
  • Liuhe
  • Cuimiao
  • Zhou Weilie
  • Zhou An
  • Zhou Lie
  • Zhou Xian
  • Zhou Shenjing
  • Zhou Nan
  • Zhou Wen