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Politics and government play a vital role in the development of your society. As such, a Senate building, being where the ruling family may confer with its subjects, is a vital part of your infrastructure.

Senates are important for several reasons. Firstly, where a Senate is built will determine where your capital will be set up. A capital will exert a slight boost upon your borders, and will also act as the spawn point of your patriot unit. At each stage in the development of your faction, you will also be allowed to choose one of two mutually exclusive technologies at your Senate; each one representing a totalitarian or libertarian stance towards government.

To research a government, select your Senate, and then click the icons representing your choice government. Apart from effecting some changes to your faction's abilities, the new government technology you researched will also grant you a patriot unit (which represents the ruler of your people) and may even unlock new units.


To build a Senate, you must have researched Level 1 Civics.


Unlike Chronicles, the latter four Politics upgrades of Warbirth require a prerequisite upgrade in order to be researched, being:

  • Commonwealth
  • Monarchy
  • Legalism
  • Absolutism