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Welcome to Rise of Kings Wiki!

The Wiki for two Rise of Nations mods.


This is the all-new official wiki for Rise of Kings, designed to help support both designers and users alike in the following ways:

  • Provision of design notes;
  • Coordination of joint effort between team members;
  • Information services to our users.

Why Shoutwiki?

After thinking for a while I decided that I needed a new wiki to function as my own "support and control page" especially since Rise of Kings: Chronicles and Rise of Kings: Bronze Dawn shared similar mechanics. It was thus decided that it was time to create a new Wiki that was more streamlined and intuitive to reflect all information that we wanted to present to our users.

Rise of Kings: Chronicles


The original Rise of Kings mod, covering the period of (888–1530s CE)

Bronze Dawn


Bronze Dawn: a new mod, being Rise of Kings with an utterly new twist: being set 1,200 years before the original Rise of Kings.



More information is available on our downloads section.

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