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The Song have the power of Tradition.


Heirs to the late ruling house of Shang, the Song make no secret of their links to the past. After all, the name of the Song capital - "Hill of the Shang" - very much belies this fact, and they even continue to conduct rituals to commemmorate their forefathers - a right given to them by the very first king of Zhou, Wen. Song armies are known for their proficiency at chariot warfare, chivalry and raiding - reputedly the selfsame skills that brought the Shang to hegemony across China and leading to the fall of the Xia. The Duke of Song, Xiang was known for his chivalry even though his own moral principles lead to his death at the hands of the Chu.

But times are changing, and while the Song continue to uphold the family honour, it will take more than piety to tradition and pedigree to save the state, for the Song have ceased to be a major nation following the death of Duke Xiang. Larger and more powerful states have sprung up, eager to seize the strategic position and fertile lands of the Song for themselves. The Song will have to thus decide wisely - whether to continue the old ways of knightly virtue, or take up the royal road of despotic rule that is increasingly becoming prevalent throughout All Under Heaven. Quick expansion and a show of force using the chariotry skills of the Song will most certainly be required if the Song are the survive the onslaught from their larger neighbours.

Faction Type: Northern Chinese
National Bonuses:

  • Stable units created 10% cheaper and 20% faster
  • Receive +1x (1/2 the number of nations in play) food for each 1% of world controlled
  • Your units suffer 50% less attrition damage
  • Forage line of research are free at Smelter
  • Receive free Intiau-Chianki whenever a new Stable is built 1 for each level of Military *research up to 3

Unique Units:

  • Intiau-Chianki (Song Chariots): Is a Medium Chariot unit that is slower but tougher, trained from a Stable.


  • [Chinese] Renegade Warlord (Chariot), Mercenary Crossbowmen, Mercenary Spearmen


  • Centralisation


Settlements: Leaders:
  • Shangqiu
  • Tengzhou
  • Yongcheng
  • Sui
  • Ningling
  • Bo
  • Yicheng
  • Zhecheng
  • Yucheng
  • Xiayi
  • Shizhong
  • Xuecheng
  • Shanting
  • Tai'erzhuang
  • Yicheng
  • Nanbo
  • Cao
  • Touman
  • De
  • Gouyou
  • Tian
  • Bibing
  • Ticheng
  • Yan