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Build styles[edit]

4 different bases:


  • T, used by the Rong,
  • A, used by Bach Viet, Van Lang, Nanman, Dian
  • M,
  • I, used by Xianyun


  • M-based market, assembly, senate, need to be replaced for Goguryeo and Yan. Possible solution - make different market skins for secondaries.
  • M should use Shang-type skins from Warbirth.


  • U - Qin brownstone
  • K - Chu stripy whitewash
  • S - Chinese red
  • E - Kushans, essentially an "Indian" appearance for their buildings.

Western (6)[edit]

(These use mud brick as their base)

Southern (10)[edit]

(these use timber for their base)

  • Chinese Red: Yuyue
  • "Chu" "stripy whitewash" - Chu, Shu, Zhongshan. They use the vanilla RoN Asian temple.
  • Wooden attap - Jin

Bach Viet, Van Lang, Nanman, Dian unaltered

Barbarian/Iroquois (1)[edit]

  • Teepees: Xianyun, Saka

Northern (uses wattle and daub, 7)[edit]

  • Korean - Yan, Goguryeo
  • Chinese Red (wattle and daub): Everyone else: Lu, Zhou, Song, Qi, Wei


Only the Government Centre, Senate, Temple, Tower, Nobles'Court, Assembly, and Citadel may be edited. Do not try to recreate early modern Chinese architecture. Use the simple style use for the Rise of Kings Nobles'Court. So what do we need?

  • City:
    • Northern Red cities are hilly and built up vertically. Southern cities have an open plaza and look more inviting.
    • Use the Kings & Conquerors model for northern cities - red walls and fittings, with whitewashed thatch buildings here and there.
    • Use something like the Brazilian models from Age of Darkness for the southern ones.
  • Government Centre (uses old Senate): Chinese Red, Qin and Chu are required.
    • Chu: is based off Senate for Rise of Kings
    • Chinese red: 3 red-painted towers, linked by stairs
    • Qin: the old Rise of Nations senate, meant to be used by Asian factions.
  • Senate: this is now a large hall, 7 x 7 - ALL
  • Temple: None really. But try and get a Thatch-and Whitewash temple for Northern China.
  • Tower: Chinese Red, and a unique thatch-and-whitewash one for Northern China.
  • Nobles'Court: Chinese Red, Qin and Chu are required - the old Rise of Kings Nobles' Court is to be reassigned to the barbarian factions like Bach Viet.
  • Assembly: Chinese Red required. Otherwise, either the mudbrick or Asian ones must be used.
  • Citadel: Chinese Red, Chu. Will have to be variations of Rise of Kings fort I fear.


Unlike Rise of Kings: Chronicles, where the Outpost trains Mercenaries, not all Mercenaries in Warbirth can be recruited from the Sentry Post. Some require special buildings like 0AD's Carthaginian civ in order to be recruited.

Units trained[edit]

Mercenaries unlike Rise of Kings are not knockoffs of other factions' units: instead they are an additional low-grade unit that can be amassed quickly with sufficient money on hand. If you have cash it is better to recruit the mercenaries rather than your own which require two resources and more time, instead of just one.


These are the weakest group of mercenaries. Not very strong.


Clad in skins and unbound hair. Trained by Zhou and Shang. Xirong are most likely to be javelineers, archers and horsemen and seem to be related to prehistoric Tibetans.

  • Xirong Skirmishers
  • Xirong Archers
  • Xirong Horse Raiders

Xirong tend like Scythians to have good LOS.


A different sort of barbarian, but more sophisticated and only available late-game. Available only to Chinese factions that research Tribal Confederacy.

  • Man Warriors (they fight as heavy infantry) [2]
  • Man Rangers (they fight as archer cav) [2]
  • Sino-Man Crossbowman [3]



Available to Kushans only if Tribal Confederacy was researched.

  • Sogdian peltastai
  • Sogdian Heavy Axes
  • Sogdian Spearmen
  • Sogdian Horse Archers
  • Sogdian Cavalry


Available to all factions only if Personal Rule was researched.

  • Renegade Chinese Warlord (Poanbin-Tok'kun)
  • Renegade Chinese Footmen (Ge-armed) (Poanbin-S'ipeng)

Other notes[edit]

  • Nomad and Vietnamese units need to be created for Warbirth, and ought to use the units of the same.
  • Kushans units ought to use those of Sarmatia.


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