Imperial Campaign

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Imperial Campaign
Playable factions Luh han.png Xichu.png Nan yue.png Choson Xianyu.png

Autumn, 2432 Yi Wei:

"Once more, famine and war stalk the land in the wake of the fall of Qin, with the capital of Xianyang razed to ashes and the Qin heir put to the sword by the great king Xiang Yu of Chu. Yet peace remains elusive for Chu, the great hegemon, is still trapped in wars with Zhao and Qi to the north-east, even as barbarians slowly gather, and generals chafe at the ephemeral fortunes of their lords. The north continues to sear away with war, while the south remains unbowed, unbroken and undiminished.

"In this new world of war, a hero will be required to restore order to the world. Take up your weapons, and prepare to fight, for a new world is at hand. Your task, blunt and simple as it is, is this: to seize the reins of power and CONQUER THE WORLD."

Playable factions[edit]



  • Qi
  • Xiwei (reconstituted Shu)
  • Zhao (Dai state is considered part of this faction)
  • Yan
  • Min (reconstituted Yue)
  • Sanqin (reconstituted Qin)


  • Dian
  • Yelang (Nanman)


  • Gojoseon (N Korea)
  • Jin / S Korea