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In game

Outpost — Vital statistics

Is unarmed, but oversees a vast amount of area thanks to its LOS, and can be used to spot hidden units. Trains mercenaries.

  • Strong versus: Agents
  • Weak versus: Military units
Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Weapon range
Level 1: Feudal Retinue Military
80 6 None None None
Cost Building class Armour Specialty
Base Ramp
Food.jpg: 20
Metal: 10;
Food.jpg: 1
Military 0
  • Can garrison up to 10 units.
  • Can be built outside of city radius.
  • Bonus LOS from Science
Poland Venice England France Turks Wales.jpg Mongolia Papal States Saracens China Russians Burgundy Byzantines Holy Roman Empire Spain Hungary Moors Japan Portugal Sicily Serbians Scotland Armenia Norse

In Chronicles, the Outpost is a building that is used to function as an early-warning system, and to recruit Mercenaries. Its extensive LOS and ability to uncover cloaked units makes it a must-have, especially if fighting against an enemy that specialises in Stealth, such as the Papal States and Welsh, or the Islamic and Asian factions which can raise units capable of cloaking themselves.

There is but one issue, and that is Outposts aren't armed, so if a raiding party comes by, they can easily bypass the Outposts, or knock them down. This is where its second role — that of Mercenary recruitment — comes into play. Mercenaries are usually weak units, often a grad less efficient than mainstream units trained from other military production buildings but their fast training time means that you can amass an amount of passable military units in no time. Besides, there are some mercenaries that also have special abilities that can't be replicated by other units at all.

Eunuchs' Court

With Imperial Mandate, an Outpost can be upgraded to the Eunuchs' Court. Although this structure is somewhat costlier to construct, it is nevertheless more powerful, and is capable of resisting enemy attack. Only China and Byzantium may construct a Eunuchs' Court — the weaknesses of monarchies for the Japanese and Armenians preclude them acquiring so much power, while in Slavic nations eunuchs are generally looked down upon.